General FAQ

In Georgia you can obtain a Commercial Drivers License at 18 years old. However, federal law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from crossing state lines driving a commercial vehicle. You can obtain a CDL at 18 but can only work within the state until you reach the age of 21.
In general, if the vehicle requires a CDL but does not have a trailer, it is a Class B Commercial Vehicle. If it has a trailer, it is considered a Class A Commercial Vehicle. This is a very broad definition. If you need more details, please call us at 877-252-8529 or refer to the first couple of pages of the Georgia Commercial Drivers License Handbook.
Currently there is not a state or federal law that requires you to have a drivers license for a set length of time. There are many companies that require you to have a license for one year before obtaining a CDL, but not all of them.
Katlaw can train you with a valid CDL permit from any state but Georgia will not currently test out of state residents. Although Federal law does allow it, the state of Georgia has not yet started testing out of state residents.
Katlaw prepares all drivers for the Georgia CDL. Though female drivers are less numerous in the industry, some of them have extremely successful truck driving careers.

Miscellaneous FAQ

You cannot operate any type of vehicle on a suspended license. Certain traffic violations can also trigger a suspension of Commercial Drivers License privileges even if you do not currently possess a Commercial License.
Federal and State regulations require anyone operating a commercial vehicle to pass a D.O.T. drug screen and obtain medical qualification. Katlaw administers physicals and drug screens at our facility every week, which is included in your tuition. Please call for information.
This depends on the type of charges and how old they are. In general companies do not like to see violent crimes or assault related charges, or anything drug and alcohol related. Please call and speak to one of our Career Advisors if you have any of these issues. We are happy to assist you.
As long as the violations have not triggered a suspension of your Commercial Drivers License privileges, you can still participate in training. Traffic violations will affect your ability to obtain employment as a driver. Please call and speak with one of our Career Advisors if this is a concern for you.

FAQ About Katlaw

Katlaw currently employs 9 full time Commercial Drivers License Instructors. Our training staff is licensed and regularly audited by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.
Like Katlaw, the vast majority of private trucking schools in the United States are not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, and therefore do not have access to federal student loans. We are however licensed and audited by the State of Georgia and train to a nationally recognized standard for entry level drivers.
We are not currently on a regular bus route. Some of our students have used the Cobb County Transit Flex Bus to get to training. Please check with CCT if you are interested in using them for transportation.
We do not have lodging on site but we can recommend a few local lodging options. Please call for information.
Our courses vary in length depending on which class of CDL you are trying to obtain. Our longest course is our full Class A CDL course, which is 160 hours in length and is conducted over 3-4 weeks. You should plan for 4-6 weeks to allow for any issues that may arise during your training such as medical issues, test failures, etc. See Programs for more class details.
We start a new weekend class every 4-6 weeks for our Class A CDL Program. Please call for the next available class date.
Katlaw is a long standing member of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) and we train to the recommended standard of 40 “Behind the Wheel” hours for our full Class A CDL Course.
At Katlaw Truck Driving School we utilize full size conventional sleeper cabs with manual 10 speed transmissions. You will train on the same type of equipment currently in use by most of the trucking industry.
Katlaw Truck Driving School has been approved for all VA tuition assistance programs for many years.
Katlaw Truck Driving School has been in operation since 1997. Since then we have graduated several thousand Commercial Driver’s.
Our current location is at 5000 Austell Powder Springs Road, Suite 225, Austell, Georgia 30106.

FAQ About Financial Options

Typically entry level Class A Drivers make approximately $45,000 - $48,000 during their first year of service with a full benefits package. This varies depending on many factors such as the type of carrier, type of freight, region of the country you are operating in, and experience.
Katlaw does not currently offer a paid training program. However, many companies offer tuition reimbursement. Contact us for details. Keep in mind that you are not a valuable asset as a driver until you actually obtain your Commercial Drivers License.
We do not participate in any federally backed student loan programs but we do participate in many Federal and State grant programs. We also offer other financing options. Please call for more information.
Katlaw participates in many State and Federal grant programs. Please call for more information.
Yes, we have a very attractive financing option and in most cases we can help get your first employer to repay the loan for you.
Please see our Tuition page for the cost of all of our CDL related courses.
Katlaw Truck Driving School has been approved for all VA tuition assistance programs for many years.

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